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Broadcasting sector constitutes few players who own multiple TV stations and or radio channels. IPP Media, for instance, owns three TV channels, namely ITV, EATV, and Capital. Africa Media Group owns four TV channels, known as DTV, Channel 10, CTN and C2C, whereas Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation owns two TV channels, TBC1 and TBC2.

  • Establishment of television production companies.
  • Creating mainstream television programs for international market
  • Provision of local content television channels for local market
  • Management of the programs data stream
  • Service of program guide .
  • Channel capacity and reconfiguration management
  • Transmission path redundancy and fail-safe systems
  • News systems [for gathering and processing news]
  • Digital audio equipment (for production and processing)
  • Archiving (for the storage of audio and text)
  • Automation (for scheduling and control), etc.

  • TCRA data indicated that, there are now 29 television stations and 47 radio stations nationwide. .
  • FM radio stations dominate the airwaves, most of them focusing on musical entertainment.
  • December 2012, TCRA managed to perform a digital broadcast switch, which entails the end of analogue broadcast as most broadcasting is now digital

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