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The main objective of this concept is to establish a business linkage program which facilitates creation of new linkages, deepening and expanding the existing partnership between TNCs/Affiliates or large domestic companies and Small and Medium sized domestic enterprises in the country thereby making them more sustainable.

Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) in collaboration with United Nations Organization on Trade Development (UNCTAD) launched the Business Linkages Programme in Tanzania in 2009 as a two years Pilot project. Under this program many players takes key roles including Trans National Corporations (TNCs), Government Institutions and Banks. However, (TNCs) or its affiliates and other large local companies on one hand and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on the other hand become the major beneficiaries of the program. Evaluation of the program revealed that the pilot phase was very successful and all partners endorsed it as very beneficial.

SME’s supplying goods and services to Trans National Companies are invited to participate in this program./

Participants are required to contribute a certain amount in order to cover costs of the training.

SME’s supplying goods and services to Trans National Companies are invited to participate in this program./

Impact of business linkage to the major beneficiaries of the program includes;.

(a) SME Level

  • Increase sales, Expansion of Client base, Guarantee outlet for production, Information on market trends for SME strategic positioning, Easier access to finance, Knowledge spillover, Transfer of technology, know-how, production and management processes, Access to coaching and technical advice, Improved product standards, Improved competitiveness, Integration into Global value chains, and Improved managerial skills

(b) TNC Level

  • Reliable supply structure, Cost reduction, Flexibility and speed, Productivity gains from specialization and outsourcing, Reduction in fixed assets and working capital, Better use of own sources (capital, human) for core activities and processes, and Increased competitiveness

Program activities implemented since inception of the program includes; organizing and conducting 16 Entrepreneurship Training Workshops (ETW) in collaboration with Vodacom (T), Shoprite Cherkers, Tanzania Breweries, National Housing Corporation (Nhc), Seedco Ltd, Sbc Ltd, Serengeti Breweries Ltd, Nakumati Super Markets Ltd, Bonite Bottlers, Mauly Tours Ltd, Anglogold Ashanti - Geita Gold Minning Co. (T) Limited, African Barrick Gold Mines, Marmo Granital, Wakulima Tea Company Ltd, Simba Cement Ltd, Rhino Cement Ltd and Tanga fresh. Others activities includes conducting health checks and many other post training interventions to participating SMEs as of June, 2017.

Beneficiaries of the program

A total of 280 SMEs owned by male and female have benefited from the program since its inception as shown in the table below:
TNCs and other large Local companies are highly encouraged to become partners of this program so as to increase their existing potential in building a solid business partnerships and smart networks with local SMEs.

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