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  • THE TANZANIA INVESTMENT CENTRE grants Certificates of Incentives under authority conferred upon it by Part III, Section 17 (1-8) of Tanzania Investment Act, 1997. Holders of certificate of incentives are entitled to various investment incentives as stipulated in the Investment Act, 1997
  • Enterprises engaging or intending to engage in Mining and Petroleum Sectors shall follow the approval process contained in their respective laws (Mining Act 2010 & Petroleum Act 2015). However, the Centre upon request shall assist all investors to obtain permits and authorization required by other laws to set up and operate investment in Tanzania.

  • Local investors; the Minimum investment value for a Projects should be at least US$ 100,000 for projects which are wholly owned by Tanzanian Citizen(s)
  • Foreign investors; the minimum investment value of a project should be at least US$ 500,000 for projects which are wholly owned by foreign investors or if a joint venture

  • Agriculture and Livestock
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial Building
  • Transportation
  • Broadcasting and Telecommunication
  • Natural Resources
  • Financial Institutions
  • Energy
  • Human Resources Development
  • Economic Infrastructure

Issuance of Certificate of incentives is guided by the section 17(1-8) of Tanzania Investment Act, 1997. The following documents should be submitted

  • A certified copy of the Certificate of company Incorporation
  • A copy of the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • A dully filled TIC application forms which are issued by the Centre
  • Project business plan
  • Evidence of sufficient finance capital available to implement the project
  • Evidence of project location
  • Company Board Resolution to register the project with TIC.
  • An overall covering letter to which all the above are attached.

Payment of facilitation fee of US$ 1100 is charged

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