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Improving the transportation infrastructure is a key priority for the Government of Tanzania. Developing the nation’s roads, ports, railways and airport infrastructure is critical for the country to improve its internal and external trade and commercial activities. The sector’s further development includes improvements in the energy sector as Tanzania strives to become a middle-income country.

Infrastructure projects provide exciting opportunities for investors looking to capitalize on Tanzania’s fast growing economy.

  • Large road construction works as well as PPP opportunities in Airport, Rail and Port projects,
  • Huge untapped opportunity in the power generation sector, utilizing the country’s abundant energy resources such as natural gas, coal, uranium and renewable resources
  • Opportunities in development of inland container depots and extended railway lines.

  • The railways system has a total track length of 3,676 km, which are operated by two railway systems: the Tanzania Railway Limited (TRL)-2,706km and Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA)-970 km.
  • The railways serve 14 of the 21 regions of Mainland Tanzania. They also serve neighbouring countries of Zambia, DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Malawi
  • By the year 2015 demand for electricity in Tanzania was estimated to be growing at 10–15% per year, with only 24% of the total population connected to electricity. The total country installed capacity then was around 1,300 MW
  • The Government is planning to increase Tanzania’s generation capacity by more than 500% to 10,000 MW in 2025. To achieve this goal
  • The Government has embarked on reforming the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) mainly by attracting private capital in the industry. In line with the ESI Reform Strategy, the Government plans to increase electricity connection to 50% by 2025, and 75% by 2033

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