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The new factory comes as good news as it will help to make up sugar deficit in the country .

Construction of a new sugar factory is expected commence in June this year at Dabalo Ward in Chamwino District, 80 kilometers from the Dodoma City before starting operation in June 2021. Once operational, the factory will have the capacity to produce 5,000 tons of sugar annually and when expansion is done the production will be 10,000 tons. On the same, direct and non direct employment at full capacity will be 2,000 people. 


The factory is operated by an Indian company, Purandare Industries (T) Ltd, and according to the factory’s Managing Director Satish Purandare, it will be nestled in a 20,000 acres of land and has been registered by Tanzania investment Centre (TIC).


“I am happy that the government of Tanzania under President Hon. John Pombe Magufuli has been giving me a lot of assistance through One Stop Facilitation Centre Services at TIC Offices, and at this stage we are just waiting for all legal documents which are in the final stages of delivery by different government entities,” he said.


The project comes after almost four years since President Magufuli invited investors from India to establish or forge business/investment partnerships with local businessmen in industries, agriculture, food security, trade and natural gas.


Mr. Purandare was also optimistic that the investment will play an important role in improving the economic well-being of Chamwino District in Dodoma.


Besides providing permanent jobs, the factory is also expected to provide indirect employment and intends to provide technological support and inputs to out growers and add value to the sugar cane produced.


The new factory comes as good news as it will help to reduce sugar deficit in the country. The total demand is 620,000 tons however the current production is 320,000 tons (full capacity) and the deficit stands at 300,000 tons as of 2019 (Source: Sugar Board of Tanzania, Illovo, Mtibwa, TPC, FAO).


TIC invites more investor in the field base on the potentials i.e. high increase in demand relative to supply capacity, per capita consumption to increase, suitable soil and topography and rainfall and generous rivers and best irrigation potential.

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