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Voice of investor registered with Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) ’we have indeed greatly benefitted from being registered with TIC’ .

My name is Harold A Shoo, the Managing Director of Harsho Group's tripartite subsidiary companies which are Harsho Trading, Harsho Packaging and Harsho Milling which produces various animal feeds.  ‘I thank God our dream on establishing Packaging industry was successful, In 2012 we launched Harsho Packaging Company and presented to TIC Northern Zone and they forwarded it to the Headquarters where it was deemed feasible’.


The next step was to apply for a loan from banks to get the capital. The bankers expressed willingness to lend us on the condition that we register with TIC and get an investment certificate. We thank TIC for allowing us to get here and we are proud to see that every day we expand. We thank God and especially Hon. President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli for introducing systematic changes and prioritizing investments in the country. We have been visited by officials from TIC zonal offices, the Executive Director, government ministers and heads of investment facilitation institutions to encourage us and learn about our challenges and aid us in solving them.


We have indeed greatly benefitted from being registered with TIC especially in the area of ​​experts we have employed in the factory because TIC helps to facilitate access to their work and residence permits, as well as tax exemptions on the machines we import. Importing machinery and being required to pay all taxes is very expensive but under TIC and the established procedure we have been getting tax relief and thus enabling us to fulfill the government’s industrialization agenda.


Furthermore, TIC has been our savior in the face of various challenges we encounter with other authorities and has always been a resourceful mediator and encouraging with advice on the need to respect regulatory authorities and abide by the country’s laws and regulations.


We thank TIC for facilitating our investment and we urge the government to further strengthen the centre so that they can help other investors to achieve President John Pombe Magufuli’s vision of becoming a semi-industrialized country. In line with the President’s vision, I have witnessed TIC being proactive the goal industrializing the country and have been a source of inspiration to those of us who are intent on reaching that goal especial those who came from peasant family as me. We continue to produce woven sacks and alternative to Plastic shopping bags (Non-woven bags) and with the outbreak of COVID-19, we have started producing PPE and on progress of Medical mask after being counseled by Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority.


I must confess that we will remember the efforts by President Magufuli for centuries, he has shown good intentions which we thought would be impossible to attain but if we get the right people to implement his vision we reach very far and fast. I thank government of President Magufuli, TIC Executive Director and the TIC Zonal Manager for encouraging us and following up on our challenges. At times such as this to have someone who wants to know about your challenges and who is also ready and willing to assist you, it is encouraging.


I remain thankful and call on my fellow countrymen to assist other talented Tanzanians to achieve their goals, all is possible. I also plead with stakeholders who wish to dare and invest in the country to visit TIC offices where he or she will provide with reference of people who have benefitted from the services provided by the centre like we have which will be testimony that they too can start huge projects as is being touted by the president.


I believe that with the new system introduced by the president in very short period of time we will be among investors with large industries in the country. This project employs over 300 people and it is worth over 10 billion.


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