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TIC Launch up a Tanzania Investment Call Center .

The Government through the Tanzania Investment Center (TIC), has established a call center for investors to enable and facilitate Investment stakeholders to access the various information they need through phone calls, e-mail and social networks.

The center was inaugurated on May 12th  2021 in Dar es Salaam by the Permanent Secretary Office of the Prime Minister’s Office-Investment Professor Godius Kahyarara and he mentioned the contacts which can be used by both local and foreign investors are 0734989470, 0734989471, 0734989472 and 0737879087(WhatsApp).

 At the inauguration, Prof. Kahyarara said that the information which will be available at the call center includes knowing investment opportunities available in the country, the investment process, obtaining various licenses and permits, the investors will get information on the progress of their applications for permits and licenses submitted to TIC.

“The advantage of the TIC call centre is to reduce the time and cost for investors where instead of arriving at TIC, they will be able to access communication services anywhere within the country or abroad” added Prof. Godius Kahyarara.


The Director of Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) Mr. Zaki Mbena said that the TIC call center will help investors, many of whom come from the Private Sectors, to access services more quickly wherever they are.

"TPSF and various stakeholders have been instrumental in improving the environment for investors in the country but also to bring about efficiency in how investors are served in the country," said Mr. Mbena.

However, the Executive Director of TIC, Dr Maduhu Kazi said initially the center will provide services within 10 hours a day and hope to add more hours in the future due to demand.

The call center will facilitate access to feedback on services provided by TIC and other institutions from investors.

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