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Germany company looking to set footprint in Tanzania .

The Germany Technology Giants, Bosch Company met with the Minister for Investment Honorable Angellah Kairuki in TIC’s office, Dar es Salaam on February 6th, 2019 and expressed strong interest to invest in Tanzania in various technological solutions after realizing the huge potential the country has in terms of growth and opportunities including automobile assembly. The Bosch delegation was led by the Germany Deputy Ambassador to Tanzania Jörg Herrera.


According to Mr. Uwe  Raschke who is the member of the board of management of Bosch, their company is aiming to invest in cost efficient gas-using-heaters for real estate developers, fleet efficiency systems for transporters, mining technologies, railways and airport communications and safety solutions. Further, Mr. Raschke who is also responsible for coordinating activities in Western Europe, Middle Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa noted other areas they are looking to venture in construction of automobile inspection centers and automobile repair centers.


He said their company is looking for local partners to be able to implement their plans, which includes transfer of knowledge through working with Vocational Training Centers for training local population on technical skills of using the technologies they bring. The company is expected to start with franchising of 50 states-of -the art automobile repair centers, which would cost them 300,000 Euros each and local partners would contribute up to 10,000 Euros per Centre.


On cost efficient gas heaters, which can be used for domestic (bathroom and kitchen), hospitals, hotels and real estate complexes. As long-term plan, they will consider investing in manufacturing or assembling plant for automobile. According to their research, the East Africa region has the market for between 600,000 and 1,000,000 brand new cars.


Bosch has invested in 13 countries in Africa and Tanzania is their latest destination. However, their equipments will be applied at Terminal 3, Julius Nyerere Airport.

Speaking during meeting, the Minister Kairuki thanked Bosch for considering investing in Tanzania, although they are late, and pledged full support to the investors.

“Kindly give us your requirements for you to smoothly invest in Tanzania. The government will play its part and make sure you let us know what you expect from Tanzania private sector,” said Minister Kairuki.


Minister Kairuki called on private sector to take advantage of the opportunity presented by Bosch’s influx into the Tanzania market through partnering in their activities. 

The meeting was also attended by other officials from Government Ministries and Departments such as Ministry of Communications, Transport and Infrastructure, Tanzania Railways Corporation, National Housing Corporation, Tanzania Port Authority, Tanzania Airport Authority, Tanzania Building Agency and the host Tanzania Investment Centre.


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