The United Republic of Tanzania


Tanzania’s population is 51.82 million in as per National Bureau of Statistics 2014. Of the total population, around 97% live in mainland Tanzania and 2% live in Zanzibar. The population is growing at a rate of 3.2%, with the youth under the age of 15 years accounting for 45% According to the current population prospects of the United Nations, the population of Tanzania in the year 2050 will rise to 129,420,000 and, in the year 2100, to 275,620,000. The life expectancy in Tanzania is 61.4 years. Population by age 0–14 years: 45.00% 15–64 years: 52.00% Labour force (over 15 years): 25.28 mm (2014) Population growth: 3.2% (2014) Youth literacy rate (15–24 years): 86% (2012) Male: 87% (2012) Female: 85% (2012) Urban population: 31% (2014) English and Swahili are official languages. Religion: Christians, Muslims, and Indigenous beliefs. As per TIC, CIA, World Bank reports 2015.

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