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Tanzania Investment Centre recognizes the great role played by SMEs in building national economy. The full potential of the SMEs sector has yet to be tapped due to the existence of a number of constraints hampering its development. They include: unfavourable legal and regulatory framework, underdeveloped infrastructure, poor business development services, limited access to finance, and ineffective and a poorly coordinated institutional support framework. In complimenting SMEs Policy of 2003, The Centre is running different SMEs support programs. These programmes are carried out in-line with section 6(g) of Tanzania Investment Act no. 26 (1997) which identifies one of the functions of the Centre as carrying out and supporting local investment promotion activities which are necessary to encourage and facilitate increased local investments, including entrepreneurial development program.

SMEs entrepreneurship and investment seminars are part of domestic investment promotion activities that aim to introduce the Centre’s roles and how it supports SMEs, creating awareness on investment opportunities available to SMEs, and encouraging successful entrepreneurs to consider diversification of their economic activities to include small and medium manufacturing operations utilizing locally available resources. The Centre’s zonal offices have jurisdiction to carry out SMEs entrepreneurship & investment seminars up to District level.

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