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Strategic Investor status is captured in section 20 of Tanzania Investment Act, 1997 and part 49 of the Tanzania investment Regulations of 2002. Strategic investors which are approved by the National Investment Steering Committee (NISC) enjoy additional fiscal and non fiscal incentives as provided for in various laws

National Investment Steering Committee (NISC) The Government formed a National Investment Steering Committee chaired by the Hon. Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania. Other members are; Minister responsible for Finance, Minister responsible for investments, Minister responsible for lands, Minister responsible for Local Government, Attorney General, Governor of the Central Bank and Commissioner General of Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). Tanzania Investment Centre is a secretariat to this committee. The NISC meets periodically to approve requests for strategic investment in Tanzania. The committee is also entrusted with investment policy formulation and solving problems of investors on a fast track basis.

  • Local Strategic Investors
  • Foreign Strategic investors
  • Special Strategic Investors

  • Locally owned project with the minimum investment capital not less than Tanzanian shillings equivalent to twenty million US dollars (US$ 20,000,000); and

  • Wholly owned by a foreign investor or a joint venture, the minimum investment capital is not less than Tanzanian shillings equivalent to fifty million US dollars (US$ 50,000,000); and

  • Locally owned project with the minimum investment capital not less than Tanzanian shillings equivalent to twenty million US dollars (US$ 20,000,000); and

  • Special Strategic Investors

    • A minimum investment capital of not less than the equivalent in Tanzanian shillings of three million US dollars (US$ 300,000,000); and
    • At least one thousand five hundred direct local employment is created with satisfactory number of senior positions in projects that do not require high and sophisticated technology; and
    • Capability to significantly generate foreign exchange earnings, produce significant import substitution goods or supply of important facilities necessary for development in the social, economic or financial sector

  • Applicants for strategic or special strategic investor status must first be registered by TIC and obtain certificate of incentives

  • Applications for strategic investor status are to be submitted to the Tanzania Investment Centre indicating how the project meets criteria for strategic investor status shown above
  • The application will be submitted by TIC to the National Investment Steering Committee for decision and final approval
  • National Investment Steering Committee is established under section 5 of Tanzania Investment legislation as an instrument entrusted to improve the business environment and foster economic growth through increased investment

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