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About Zonal Offices

Tanzania Investment Centre has established five zonal offices in order to assist Investors who are based in nearby regions to access TIC services without necessarily traveling to Dar es Salaam. The zonal offices are in Kilimanjaro (Northern Zone), Mwanza (Lake Zone), Dodoma (Central Zone) Mbeya (Southern Highland Zone), and Eastern Zone (Dar-es-salaam)

The Zone Offices are responsible for assisting investors to obtain all relevant permits, approvals, and licenses they require in order to set up their business. Zonal offices also play a fundamental role in promoting investment opportunities in the regions as well as advising regional authorities in matters relating to investment promotion and facilitation.

Aftercare services are also offered to investors in the Regions by our Zonal Offices, whereby quick interventions to challenges facing projects are provided by respective Government institutions under coordination of TIC Zonal staff. Zones Office also indulges in monitoring and evaluation of registered projects located in the regions of jurisdiction

Continuous creation of Landbank for investment is paramount for investment promotion and facilitation efforts, therefore TIC zonal offices are at the forefront in this endeavor, working closely with regional authorities to establish landbank for specific investment activities in the regions.

The Southern Highland Zone (SHZ)  office is responsible for coordinating and implementing all promotional activities of the center, providing investments facilitation services, coordination of investment researches and collaboration as well as liaisons with all Government and private institutions in all matters related to investments within the region.

The activities of the zone office include organizing and administering promotional events such as exhibitions, forums, and Public Relations; Receiving and analyzing new applications for certificates of incentives; Identification of investment opportunities; Assist investors in obtaining various licenses and permits; Search and documenting information on land for investment; Monitoring and evaluation of registered projects located in the regions of jurisdiction; Organize problem-solving interventions; Coordination of investments researches; offering investment consultations, Organize SMEs linkages programs and provision of aftercare services.



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