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Resident Permit


Immigration Department may grant residence Permit to a person who intends to reside in Tanzania and engaging in investment activities. A non-citizen shall not reside in Tanzania unless he has obtained residency permit Class A for investor and Class B for employee issued by Immigration Department.

The Prime Minister's Office - Policy, Parliament, Coordination, Labour, Youth, Employment and Persons with Disability has developed an Online Work Permit Application and Issuance System (OWAIS). The System is integrated with the Online System for application of Residence Permit (e-Permit), which is run by the Immigration Department. The integrated System enables applicants to electronically submit their applications for Work/Residence Permit pay required fees, receive status notification and Grant Notice online via their email accounts.


  • Class A; for investors and
  • Class B; Employees

Application process for Residence Class A and class B

To access the Online System for application of Work/Residence Permit, applicants official website: www.kazi.go.tz  the     Immigration     Department  Official Website: www.immigration.go.tz and click the link which will allow them to start application process. The following is a complete application process for Work and Residence Permit:-

  •  Applicant is required to register to the Online Work/Residence Permit Application System using his/her existing email or create a new email.
  • The applicant will then be required to create an account in the System by filling his/her names and details of a company or institution that seeks to employ him/her.
  • In the same window, the applicant is required to create a password that will be used to log into the System any time when applying for a new permit and making follow up on already submitted application.
  • Then the applicant will submit the details by clicking the SUBMIT button and the account shall be created.
  • The Applicant will then be in a position to log in the OWAIS and continue filling out an Online Work/Residence Permit Application Form.
  • After filling out the Application Form, the applicant will submit the same electronically by clicking the SUBMIT button.


Cost for Residence Permit Class A:

  • USD 3050
  • USD 1550 For East African citizens
  • USD1000 for Diaspora investors.
  • USD 50 for each dependants
  • 10% facilitation fee is paid to TIC after getting approval

Cost for Residence Permit Class B:

  • USD 2050
  • USD 550 For East African citizen
  • USD 50 for each dependants.
  • 10% facilitation fee is paid to TIC after getting approval

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