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Value Added Tax


  • It is a consumption tax charged on taxable goods, services, immovable property of any economic activity whenever value is added at each stage of production and at the final stage of sale.
  • It is charged on both locally produced goods and services and on imports.
  • It is charged by persons registered for VAT only.


  • Taxable supplies of goods
  • Services

VAT rates

  •  18% for standard rated supplies
  •  0% for exports of goods and services

Entitled Persons

  •  The Company whose revenue registration threshold is 100 million in the period of twelve months and above or 50 million in a period of six months ending at the end of the previous months.
  • All types of registration except for professional service providers, Government entity or institution which carries on economic activity and an intending traders after fulfilment of sufficient evidence such as contracts, tenders, building plans, business plans and bank financing

How to register

  • Filling the application form for VAT Registration
  • Submission of Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Lease agreement or Title deed
  • Business License
  • Tax Identification Certificate
  • Photos


No fee.


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